When we manage your property, it doesn't manage you.


Everything you don't like about property management companies, we don't like either.

We are a boutique-sized and highly competent property management company that continues to nurture an ever-growing community of satisfied clients for one reason – we don’t do business like everyone else in the property management business.

Your Peace of Mind was founded in 2000 with a mission to bridge the frustrating relationship and performance expectation gap between communities and their property management company. Over the years we’ve seen and heard all of the disgruntled property management stories out there, and let’s face it, life’s too short.

Your Peace of Mind works to be a profitable and sustainable business – and we’ve done that for the past ten years by working hard at delivering to our clients the promise that is in our name. Our client communities have come to experience that there is a better, smarter and easier way to enjoy premium quality property management at a logical price.